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The Pokémon Company announced this September that a new Pokemon game will be released in 2016 that goes by the name "Pokemon GO". Most of us are familiar with previous Pokemon games that ran on hardware such as the Wii, Gameboy Advanced, and the iconic Gameboy Color. Pokemon GO on the other hand will run on your smartphone (Android or iPhone), which means that the game is even more accessible. Many of us have great memories that revolve around the Pokemon franchise, however there has always been a belief in the community that a real Game Changer could be around the corner. Pokemon Go could be just that.

Pokemon GO is being developed by the cooperation of some very impactful companies, including:
  • The Pokémon Company
  • Nintendo
  • Niantic Labs (previously owned by Google)

Collaborators include:
  • Game Freak

What's special about Pokemon GO:
It will probably take the players the closest they have ever been to actually living in a REAL Pokemon world. The game is installed on your smartphone, and the world is your playground. Pokemon GO would know where in the world you are located, and would generate Pokemon in different locations around your neighborhood for you to catch and battle, incentivizing players to interact with their environment and meet new people. Doesn't this sound a lot like what Ash did in his adventures?

Imagine being notified that there is a wild Pikachu in the park nearby. Imagine meeting trainers, people like you, and battling them on your trip to work. Making new friends, trading new Pokemon, battling others, and all this happening outside in the real world.

How all the mechanics of the game will work has not been exposed yet to the public, so until further notice we will just have to let our imagination thrive. To read more information regarding Pokemon GO, you can visit the Pokemon GO Pro Forum by clicking the following link:

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