Trainer Defaulting To Location on Start Up

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Trainer Defaulting To Location on Start Up

Post#1 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:46 am

My wife plays on a old Samsung Galaxy 4 or 5 (not sure of exact) and I play on an iPhone 5s.
This recent week the last 3 nights in a row when ever my wife starts up the Pokemon Go app when we about to leave from home her Trainer is defaulting back to a 3 Poke Stop location we visit very often in Semaphore a 40-50 min drive away.
The last 3 nights we've stayed local and haven't gone any where near this location.
It's not until she flicks a Poke Stop or 2 does her Trainer wake up and change to her current actual location.
The second time it happened we waited and drove around for 10min but her Trainer stayed at Semaphore until a Stop was spun. Have also tried re-starting the game but it just defaulted back to Semaphore again.

Not sure what to try next and she's worried she'll get picked up as being a GPS spoofer if it keeps doing this jumping location.

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