Do you want Playing pokemon Go with Freebies!

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Do you want Playing pokemon Go with Freebies!

Post#1 » Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:13 am

This location-based augmented reality game is also a great way for everyone to step outside and get some fresh air and exercise.

There are items in the game that you can purchase with real world money but the following are FREEBIES that you can get just by leveling up your character. You can level your character in a variety of different ways: Catch Pokemon, Evolve Pokemon, Visit Pokestops, and/or Win Gym Battles.

The level cap is still unclear but there have been speculation that it can go as high as level 50.
Here are all the freebies in Pokemon GO game that you can get until level 20 until we can update with more information

click here :

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