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About Pokemon GO Pro

With the announcement of Pokemon GO came the emergence of Pokemon GO Pro (PGP). PGP is a platform where the community can meet up, discuss strategies, share experiences, use online tools, and a lot more, all in the hopes of bettering their experience with the up-and-coming game.

Current popular features in Pokemon GO Pro include:
  • Forum
    Space for pokemon trainers to mingle, share strategies, experiences, and grow along side the rest of the community.
  • Pokedex, Online Tools, Strategies, Tips, etc.
    Online tools will be provided for users, all of which are mobile friendly (which means that you can use them on your smartphone while capturing pokemon). The Pokedex is one such tool. So is the live chat where users and meet up to discuss topics in real time.

Pokemon GO Pro is a fan community that is based around the mobile game Pokemon GO. The Pokemon franchise has enriched our lives even further by giving the community a game that they can immerse themselves in and finally take part in the mystical world of Pokemon. Many thanks to The Pokémon Company, Niantic Labs, Nintendo, and Game Freak for all the hard work they put into developing this fantastic game.

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